Security report HappyStake team

Maintaining operational security and reliability is a top priority for HappyStake team, and we have over twenty years of experience to build upon. As security professionals we have to deal with a very dynamic threat landscape daily. Staying up to date on threat developments and industry best practices enables us to run a very secure operation.

Reliability starts with premium hardware. We use the latest generation enterprise solutions, ensuring battle-tested robustness and high performance. Further, our validator is located in a data center with redundant network connections and power supplies, guaranteed by a favorable service level agreement (SLA).

Even though securing a single server is quite simple, many validators fail to implement the most basic measures. Below follows a high-level summary of our most important measures. Feel free to contact us for more info.

We know how our validator performs at all times. If something irregular happens to it, we will be notified instantly.

We get notified about new Solana releases, and perform updates in accordance with official recommendations.

We check for and install Linux security patches daily. Kernel updates are coordinated with Solana updates, to minimize downtime (unless they are critical).

Good luck and happy stake!